Crete in bloom

Posted by Despina Sivaropoulou
Crete is an ideal destination to visit in the spring, especially for nature lovers.

It’s a perfect time to dip your toes in the Mediterranean Sea—it will be a little cooler than you’re used to but certainly refreshing—or to get adventurous. With cooler temperatures compared to summer, you’ll find that longer hikes and sightseeing outings are quite doable.

As spring isn’t part of Crete’s high season, you’ll get the added perks of fewer tourists and lower rates. Most travelers won’t flock to Crete until their summer holiday, so you’ll be surrounded mostly by locals. Similarly, airfare and hotels are likely to be more affordable, as there’s less of a demand during the spring months.
From a wide range of activities to take part in including nature hikes through beautiful mountainous terrains, visiting the old venetian harbor for a stroll, or even discovering virgin beaches before the hordes of tourists – there is something for everyone in Chania during the spring.