Top 5 foods not to miss in Crete

Posted on June 03rd, 2019 by Despina Sivaropoulou
Are you feeling hungry after enjoying the blue waters and the sun in one of the lovely beaches in Crete? Here are the top 10 specialties of Cretan food that we recommend you should try here!

These Mediterranean delicacies not only will satisfy your appetite, but also dive in a sea of flavors! Eating in Crete is really a journey in flavors, special ingredients and combinations that you would never expect to taste. The main feature of Cretan food is imagination, high quality meat, greens, legumes and vegetables, sea food, and of course the “blessed” Cretan olive oil!

The Top 5 Specialties Of Cretan Food

1) Ntákos
Ntákos is a traditional Cretan Food based on barley rusk. On the rusk there is rubbed tomato and the Cretan cream cheese “myzíthra” while the dish is complemented by olive oil, salt, oregano and olives. It’s a quick and easy dish that offers a complete and nutritious meal.

2) Stamnankáthi
Stamnankáthi are herbs that have a bit bitter but pleasant taste. It is a type of special and it is very difficult to gather. This plant grows only in Crete. It is usually served boiled, with olive oil and lemon and it can also be combined with eggs or meat.

3) Chaniotiko Bouréki
Chaniotiko bouréki is a special zucchini-potato pie made especially in Chania. The basic ingredients are zucchini (pumpkin variety), potatoes and myzíthra cheese (a type of Cretan cheese). All these may be covered by a sheet of pastry.

4) Chochlioí Boumpouristoí
Snails or “choclioi” is the most popular dish of the Cretan diet!  This traditional Cretan recipe is combined with rakí, the traditional local drink and good company. Snails, after dipped in flour, are fried in olive oil and accompanied by rosemary and vinegar.

5) Tsigariastó
This traditional dish of western Crete has migrated across the island, because of its delicious taste. Its basic ingredient is Cretan goat or lamb, cooked in olive oil. The meat is of high quality and it is cooked at a very low temperature for a long time.