What to do in Chania during the Orthodox Easter

Orthodox Easter is a great occasion to visit Chania as you can enjoy the wonderful nature and traditional customs. 
The preparations for the Resurrection night start on Holy Thursday with a red cloth that is being hung on the balcony or the window, representing the blood of Jesus. On the same day, housewives dye the Easter red eggs. Men gather wood to prepare the place that they will burn an effigy of Judas, while women offer their old clothes and they dress Judas up. Easter in Chania is no doubt a time of family, traditions and customs with so much to enjoy and see. Below is a list of just some of the things to enjoy during the easter week in Chania:

5 things you should do in Chania

1.Visit Chrysopigi Monastery, 3 km away from the city. It is dedicated to Zoodochos Pigi Virgin and it is celebrating on Easter Friday, when thousands of pilgrims visit it.

2. On Holy Friday, become one with the locals, strolling around the traditional bazaars of Voulolion and Kissamos.

3. Watch the solemn procession of the Epitaph at Panagia Trimartiris chirch, at the Metropolis of Chania. It is a special church dedicated at the same time to Virgin Mary, St. Nikolaos and the Three Hierarchs.

4.On Easter Sunday, watch a special ritual in the mountain regions of Chania. Shepherds believe that Easter egg has prophetic powers and thus they “read” its shoulder, predicting the future.

5. On St. George’s day, attend the grand celebration at Asi Gonia, at the southern part of the region. Locals milk the animals and when finished, the priest reads a special prayer, bless them and sprinkle them with holy water. The milk is distributed to the faithful, after boiled. After that, follows a liturgy and a feast with traditional Cretan songs and dances.

Chrysostomos. For many it is the best restaurant of the city and the only one of the region that won the Golden Chef's Hat in 2014. Mr. Chrysostomos honors Sfakian cuisine at the Venetian harbor, with dishes such as roasted goat, ewe in parchment paper with mytzithra, sfakianopita and boureki. (Defkalionos & Ikaron, tel .: 28210 57 035, 15 euros per person).

Thalassino Ageri. The quiet district of Tabakaria is famous for the freshest fish and seafood. Try soft octopus, exquisite spaghetti lobster, squids with lots of lemon and grilled fish. If you are lucky enough, try the sea urchin salad. (35 Vivilaki str., Tabakaria, Chania, tel.: 28210 51136, www.thalasino-ageri.gr, from 20 euros per person.)

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