Christmas Time Again

Posted on December 01st, 2018 by Despina Sivaropoulou
Ever spent Christmas in Greece or Chania? Discover the magical time of year on one of the most hospitable islands in Greece!
The traditional Christmas season in Crete is initiated by the beginning of Lent on November 15. The festive period then lasts 12 days: Dec. 25 to 05 January, the day before the “Foton” (Epiphany). A few days before the housewife begins preparations; this includes baking cookies Melomakarona and Kourambiedes that are naturally served only after the end of Lent.

On Christmas eve, 24th December, the sound of ringing chimes already in the very early morning on all doors, and small and larger children, equipped with triangles, sing the Christmas carol (Christmas Kalanta) and take in exchange for their singing a little pocket money. Christmas Dinner on 25th, a pork stew is cooked or even a roast pork, and partially cooked pork is also offered as a late breakfast already seared morsels. Many housewives have also baked a special bread Christopsomo (Christ Bread).
On the 2nd Christmas Day Greeks like to eat at the traditional taverns in the up-country villages which have great popularity.