A Hidden Gem

Posted on May 16th, 2018 by Despina Sivaropoulou

There is so much to explore in Chania, that one trip could never be enough. We do however have our  best spots on the island and the quaint fishing village of Loutro is certainly one of them! 

The seaside village of Loutro is located at a distance of about 71 km. south of Chania, at the end of Cape Mouri. It is believed that this was the site of the ancient city of Finikas, and was the port of ancient Anopolis. Later, it became the winter time port of the town of Sfakia, due to the fact that the enclosed bay and the small island in its entrance create a natural harbor where ships can be safe even at very bad weather conditions. Within walking distance are beaches such as Loutro Bay Beach, Ilingas Beach and Timios Stavros Beach. If you have had enough of lazing around in the sun, canoes can be hired, you can snorkel and dive, even take a dive course. Nearby are a few Venetian ruins, and also a beautiful white-washed chapel framed perfectly against the blue sea, just placed perfectly for photographers.

Make sure not to miss this magical little village that postcards just do not do justice!