A Crete Escape

Posted on November 12th, 2017 by Despina Sivaropoulou

A winter wonderland yet to be discovered. 

As the most southerly of the Greek islands, the weather in Crete is so mild during winter time that exploring the beautiful island and enjoying its charm is a glorious.

As there are plenty of places open all year round, a great past time in the winter is of course dining and enjoying the wonderful culinary experiences the island has to offer. Visitors can try cheese-making, olive and grape harvesting or local wine tasting or enjoy an array of quaint taverns at the Venetian Port. 

In the mountain villages lies an opportunity for the Cretans to gather, dance, sing, eat and drink. Raki distilleries, known as rakokazana, offer just another occasion for having a party accompanied by traditional music and dances. Rivers and gorges are filled again with water and thousands of waterfalls on the island get life back! Many lovers of canyoning from all corners of Europe in recent years have put the gorges of Crete in their winter program.

Lets not forget the glorious white caped mountains of the Lefka Ori, peaked with powdery white snow and a true marvel to the eye. 

Crete in winter is magical and just goes to show what a wonderful destination this island is all year round!