Crystal Clear Waters

Posted on May 05th, 2017 by Despina Sivaropoulou

The beaches of Chania. A chapter of beauty and crystal clear waters so large that one could not possibly visit all of the magnificent shores in just one visit.

There are many beautiful beaches available across Chania’s  415 km coastline, most of which are organized for bathers and/or are combined with exceptional hotel complexes. The top 3 most famous beaches however, award winning and spectacular in their one right cannot go a miss. 

The exotic beach of Falassarna is located 59km west of Chania and 17km west of Kissamos. At the northern end of the beach are the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Falassarna. Falassarna bay is one of the most famous beaches in Greece, and has been awarded as one of the best beaches of Crete and one of the 10 best beaches in Europe by TripAdvisor. The sand at Falassarna is white, making the water color tropical and turquoise. 

Balos Lagoon, is another top favorite characterized by its white-pinkish sand and broken sea-shells. The water in the lagoon is very shallow and warm ideal for children. Beyond the rocks at the boundaries of the lagoon, the water is deeper and colder, ideal for a snorkeling. The lagoon is accessible by boat from Kissamos departing daily in the summer months. Along the same trip one can also visit the Gramvoussa Venetian fortress at the island of Gramvoussa.

Elafonissi is a name you are sure to hear upon visiting Chania. Elafonissi is a tiny island with white sand, separated from the shore by a lagoon no more than a meter deep. The sand is pinkish in many places, taking its color from thousands of broken shells. Near the breaking point of the peninsula, the water does not exceed 1m, creating a small lagoon, ideal for children. You can easily cross the lagoon in order to reach the island. The island itself is a nature protected reserve.
One thing is certain, Crete and Chania in particular are world renowned for the quality of its exotic shores, one would not have to venture off as far as the Caribbean to experience them.